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R6 Hacks – No Recoil, 180 Spin, Crouch Spam, and More 2024

AHK Rainbow Six Siege Free Hack, No recoil, Easy sprint, crouch spam, and more 2024

Are You Looking for Hacks For your Favorite Game and don’t Wanna Pay For them? You have come to the right place, we post daily free hacks for all sorts of games, we have the best r6 hacks available! 

I play Rainbow Six Siege a lot and I am not extremely good, the only thing I’m good at is drop shotting so whenever I play rainbow six siege, I use this amazing AHK Script that works great with a lot of features and is also undetected!

This R6 Hacks is Amazing! it works perfectly and is also very easy to set up! the Maker of this cheat is planning to drop a lot of updates on this cheat and make this a big project, so whenever it gets updated we will work on getting it and posting it 🙂 

Status: Offline Mode (use at your own)

Version: v2

Developer: GamesOfFreak

Rainbow Six No Recoil 2021 Released:

Cheat features:

-No Recoil

-Better Sprint

-Crouch Spam

– Ez Melee

– Fast Peek

– 180 Spin

-Aim Peeking


1. Download Hack Below And Download AHK From Internet
2. Unzip Rar File Onto Desktop
3. Run the .ahk File (AHK has to be installed) 
4. Press “OK” to all tick boxes

5. Press Insert or FN+Insert For it to Start

6. Use F1-F7 To use All Features

7. Ready! Have fun 🙂

This Cheat does need AHK So Download That before using!

Download R6 hacks for free:

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